Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A word on the CYE competition within the Euroskills framework

In 1992 the AIE established the well known European Competition for Young Electricians, highly appreciated by the candidates and Education & Training experts. Young, passionate professionals demonstrate their outstanding level of excellence and competence in both theoretical and practical electrical tasks. In the framework of the partnership between AIE and WSE, the AIE will share its experience and expertise ensuring the high quality of the competition in the new WSE electrical installation category. 

It is therefore a great honour for us to welcome you all to first edition of the European competition for young electricians (CYE) that is integrated within the framework of Euroskills2014 in Lille, France at the Lille Grand Palais from the 2 to 4 October 2014. We look forward to an exciting competition between the best of the best young electricians in Europe. All participants in the competition are already national champions in their own country and are sent to represent their national colours in the European championship. Using the latest available technology and products, this is bound to be an exhibition in exceptional technical skills.


  1. I bet that it is a really exciting time for electricians in Europe right now. It would be really interesting to learn how to work with such a different power grid. I hear that the outlets they have are quite different than the ones we have in America.


    1. Indeed! ;-) Welcome to our blog! We will keep you posted!