Monday, 6 October 2014

Extract of the AIE-CYE Press Release

Download the complete AIE-CYE PRESS RELEASE | More info on EUROSKILLS LILLE 2014

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for a larger view on the proud Swiss team
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for a larger view on the proud French team
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for a larger view on the proud German team
GOLD for
Severin Holdegger
and supporting expert
Adrian Sommer
SILVER for Julien Seiller
and supporting expert Pierrick Mandin (right). Euroskills’ expert Bernand Finet holding his two treasures!
BRONZE for Felix Fendl (left) and supporting expert Ralph Sassmannshausen

Saturday evening, all candidates received a Certificate of Excellence from AIE's General Secretary Evelyne Schellekens. We congratulate the golden, silver and bronze boys!!
She stressed in her speech towards the candidates and the experts that everybody should be proud of its participation as selected representatives for their country for the Electrical Installations competition in Lille!
Two important decisions were made during these three days of competition:
The AIE and Euroskills’ experts agreed to have the AIE – European Association of Electrical Contractors - as a platform for the experts to communicate and share views and experiences before, during and after the competition!  Secondly, the AIE is thankful to the Euroskills organisation for providing the huge media coverage!
In addition, the AIE as Worldskills Europe associate member stimulates the networking between members, experts and stakeholders of the installation sector. By daily blogging and posting on AIE’s digital communication channels, the electrical installation sector is put in the spotlight, whilst enhancing the visibility of the electrical branch. ...

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