Friday, 13 April 2012

The Challenge begins tomorrow !

After one more sleepless night it is a fact.
Tomorrow from 13PM these brave candidates and experts will take the challenge of a new practical task
and theoretical test in Basel during 4 days and 22 hours!

Read the encouraging words of three Presidents Janne Skogberg [AIE], Pirmin Gassmann [VSEI] and Stephan Bauer [KNX] and TF CYE Chairman Agnar Holen within the CYE2012 presentation brochure.

As the Swiss VSEI-president Pirmin Gassmann stated in his letter:
"To qualify for an international competition such as the European Competition for Young Electricians demands skill, effort, commitment and considerable perseverance.
It also requires good basic training from employers who are committed to transferring high-level knowledge and skills.

The industry as a whole supports young talents at every stage of their preparation for the championships,
to ensure exceptional performance. The journey itself is the goal, since without training, success is impossible."

Electrical skills competitions, such as 'The European Competition of Young Electricians', are an excellent platform to highlight the electrical installers' profession and quality. In that way we stimulate young people to choose for an electrical future in which they can blow life into buildings, creating the new architecture of our modern society.

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