Saturday, 14 April 2012

Kick off within half an hour! 'Break a leg' guys!

The nerves are increasing... Tension higher....
Today from 13PM, 9 candidates and their experts will take the challenge of a new practical task and theoretical test in Basel during 4 days and 22 hours!

About two to three thousand visitors will have the opportunity to watch the electric spectacle during these days.

In addition, VSEI introduces different interviews during the MUBA Basel Messe on a live media platform to promote the profession and skills of these young Electrical installers. Competition manager Andreas Rüegg stressed on the high performance level of the young installers during this interview and he was of course - as everyone is - curious on the outcome of this European competition.

At Light and Building in Frankfurt meanwhile, there will be a live interview on Monday 16th and pictures of candidates in action will be visible at the ZVEH stand during the know exhibition mess in Frankfurt.

We will keep you posted!


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